المعرض التجاري الدولي لطب الأسنان في كراكوف 2024

المعرض التجاري الدولي لطب الأسنان في كراكوف
From April 11, 2024 until April 13, 2024
كراكوف - إكسبو كراكوف ، محافظة بولندا الصغرى ، بولندا
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الصفحة الرئيسية

KRAKDENT سلايدر ANG. وضعنا معايير لطب الأسنان الحديث. معرض KRAKDENT. احفظ تاريخ الإصدار التالي: 11-13.04.2024. صور الطبعة السابقة.

KRAKDENT هو معرض طب الأسنان يجمع بين برنامج علمي وعرض دولي للمنتجات والخدمات. يستهدف فنيي الأسنان وأخصائيي الصحة والمساعدين. يستهدف KRAKDENT المهنيين الذين يشاركون مهنيًا في الصناعة الطبية.

The KRAKDENT (r) International Dental Fair was held from March 30th to April 1st, 2023, at EXPO Krakow. It featured more than 320 Polish exhibitors and international ones, as well as dozens of medical trainings, workshops, and the International Dental Spaghetti Congress, all part of the KRAKDENT edu program. There were also a variety of attractions at the KRAKDENT MeetUp Stage, and a large number of new products on display at the stands.


Our goal was to introduce the company to new markets abroad and to customers in Poland. We wanted visitors to be able touch and evaluate the tools. Everyone knows that things 'taste different' when they are in your hands. I think we have achieved our goal.

I think that KRAKDENT (r) could organize congresses of dental societies and organizations with a sense of purpose. The conditions are in place for such an event, and the trade fair also plays a significant role. It is a fact that KRAKDENT is the only event in Poland that can compete.

I have been a KRAKDENT(r), a trade fair, for almost my entire professional career. Although I may not be able to say that I've been to every edition, I believe I've been to the majority. I have a lot of admiration for the growth of the fair, because it's an art to keep the same level and to even climb higher is beautiful. I am here with great pleasure.

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